Revenue + Passion = Matters

RPM is the fast track formula that I put to work for you. It gets results.

This secret formula helps start-up companies pull ahead of the pack
and global organizations outmaneuver their more nimble
counterparts. It accelerates sales in new markets and helps you
create marketing leadership that matters.

RPM provides the next level of customer and sales engagement.

it delivers!

Customer Facing Content - Data sheets, solution brochures,
reports, sales presentations, customer case studies, use cases
and content to support demand generation campaigns.

Industry Marketing Programs - With a strong background in key
vertical markets, I craft solution content that resonates within your
target audiences.

Competitive and Market Playbooks - Deep competitive and market
analysis provides sales with the information they need to deliver new
customers, identify new revenue streams and capitalize on favorable
trends and market dynamics.
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Tiffeny Price
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